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Suzy Simons


As far back as I remember I have been mesmerized by the art of photography. I would sit on the floor beside my Grandfather’s desk with a journal in my lap. I was captivated by the images on the pages of Life and National Geographic Magazines, with vibrant colors exploding off the pages, striking monochromatic contrast, creative composition, dramatic lighting, compelling lines, textures and cultural diversity. I would study the exquisite story telling in the photographs of both of these iconic magazines which became genesis of my lifelong enthusiasm for photography.


Life is my passion. As an artist I draw my inspiration from life’s adventures, and for me that includes many hypnotic sunrises and sunsets, traveling the backroads of Arizona and California. My experiences as an athlete in swimming, water polo, cycling, backpacking, hiking, horseback riding , coaching, parenting and grand-parenting help me connect with the diverse experiences of my clients in a unique way. We are surrounded by wonder and beauty every day and my desire is to capture those moments, creating joyous memories that they will share for a lifetime.IMG_2209


My photography has been described as real, fun, artistic, classic and innovative. Many clients desire the magazine look, though they are not models. What I strive to do is build a rapport with you that allows me into your world and to capture the essence of you without looking posed. So if you are looking for a photographer to make family, senior or children’s portraits, head shots, event, or sports, contact me and I will help you preserve the unique moments of your life.



You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

- Ansel Adams


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When We Were Young





A great photograph causes you to pause, study and imagine the
story behind the image. You envision the narrative you might
tell. The vibrancy, composition, characters, and landscape
captured in a great photograph, are forever rooted in our
minds, and emotions. The stories they tell are timeless. I make
photographs that will kindle thoughts, and memories, and spur
conversations with your clients.
All photographs are available in striking metal, traditional print or
a classic canvas.

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Suzy Simons

Lifestyle Photojournalist

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